Tuesday, May 25, 2004

i downloaded the google toolbar not long ago, and in that time it has stopped 1144 popups. i am very happy with it, considering it was popups which were using up most of my bandwidth and forcing me to have to pay extra download charges. i dont particularly need to see the amazing x cam ad 50 times a day, nor do i need to pay an extra $15 a month to see it.

now i've gotten my computer back from being 'fixed', i get pop ups again, not anywhere near as many as i did, but still, they're there.

for instance, i typed in my blog address, this blog address, and there was a pop up that said 'congratulations, you are the 500,000,000th visitor to this blog. i know i am popular way beyond belief, but judging by my stat counter, i dont get that many hits.

this leads me to believe that these pop up putter upperers arent paying attention to what i look at. they arent thinking, ooh, carly may want to look at this book, they're thinking, here, have some porn!

how rude

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