Monday, May 24, 2004

i've begged, now i'm pleading

h for hurry, e for urgent, l for l-l-love me and p for pppplease help
(if you havent seen yellow submarine, thenm that made no sense)

i know i complain quite a lot about the state of my computer. its crap, it really is. it's never worked properly the whole time i've had it. ive sent it back but it's still not working. i complain and complain, i scan for viruses and so forth, i defrag, i scan disk, i clear my cookies and history, i do all that. but still it fails to do what i ask of it, ie, look at websites.

here are some of the lovely messages i get more than frequently while "surfing" the web

surfing wouldnt be the correct term for what i do if i were kelly slater, or even some guy who lives down the street who can stand on a board. but i guess my computer is following in my footsteps and surfing like me. i fight to get past the breakers, almost drown, let the tide take me to shore and colapse on the sand crying.

that about sums it up

so im asking you again, wont you please, please help me?

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