Sunday, November 26, 2006

dinau dinau dinaudinau aaaaAAAAAAA

its the australian idol theme song, der!

and so it begins. here are my notes from 730 this evening. i wont be explaining them. i made them up to 3 hours ago. i'll just be typing them.

young divas - paulini: skinny
scary diva: has new boobs
kate: cant dance. also made a good financial decision to join the group rather than go it alone
impulse diva: still exactly the same

pretty monkey has lost his mo and other monkey said a whole long spiel without blinking

callea: shorter, uglier, boringer, balder

deni and marcia: is deni dressing like her mother in an attempt to get her to like her more than jess?
'the boys are all jealous' says x.
'of what?'
'they just are'
i wonder if its because marcia is more manly that them and consider asking him, but decide not to as i already teased him enough about not being able to see the new harry potter cos its rated m.
boys go to bed

guy sebastian: what the fuck is that poor excuse for a guitar he is playing? where are the pickups? ooh, rock voice. guys grown some balls. must have got some sex. he should have a chat to dean. then send him my way. pfft, pointy shiny shoes. bored now. teehee, my cat just noticed my new lights. cute. ooh, he's rising up into the air like a god. god, hehe. looks a bit like a spaceship. perhaps hes a scientologist now.

shannon noll, huh. well, i have cheese and crackers here at the moment, so i'll tell you about those. i bought some mainland vintage the other day. it has a nice bitey tang to it, and also i like the little fridge men on the ad. the biscuits are saladas. i tried buying the better for you saladas with less fat and less salt etc, but they dont break on the line so ive gone back to the originals.
shannon is on the spaceship now. if he goes up in the air it wont be exciting cos guys already done it. he has shiny pointy shoes too. wtf is with that?

oh good, its over


ads: season final of tripping over already? that didnt last long. i still think abe forsythe is better looking that the other one, daniel something. that would be because he's younger, probably.

an ad for colonnades. spun out. its not gonna bring anyone down here tho.

back to idol: THEYRE RIDING HORSES! oh, no they're not. its just plebs riding horses. jess and damo are in a cart. boring. your boobs are squished, klanie keough.

that bow is bad, jess. your dress would have looked much prettier without it. ditto damians hood. much prettier without.

aw, my cat is playing with a sock

ok, here we go...

yay its chris! i miss chris. lisa! and scared loser from way back.
mutto...meh. reigan, i quite liked her.
they actually sound really nice together

now its the little aussie battler in a vest, NOT GAY. klancie...old diva...
DEAN! fuck he is a nice looking boy

jess is crying already, beautiful little thing

reigan: stupid gloves
mutto: stupid hair
klancie: stupid twang
joseph: cant think of anything to say about him
old diva: wtf is that around her shoulders?
ooh, nice arms, dean. not even his turn to sing yet
welcome back really cant dance, but you're happy, so thats good
well hello dean!
yeah chris! go chris really try hard...well done, good boy. def not gay...
damien is singing and all i can think is that klancies boobs look so much more comfortable in that top than before...pants tho? bad pants, klanc

is anyone elses set top box tv cutting out a lot tonight? its really shitting me.

ok, i got a bit waylaid watching jess. didnt take any notes, just watched. she is such a beautiful, happy girl. its so nice to see smiles. her cheeks must really hurt

ooh, ben kweller is coming. oh. john mayer. ben better be doing sideshows

you know, damien looks a lil bit spunky in some of those shots. there was one little irish kid that was cute, and damos sister is pretty, but really, the irish arent all that attractive, are they. i am totally basing that assumption on a two minute clip produced by australian idol btw. if you are irish, spunky, and most importantly single, cos im sick of boys with girlfriends, feel fre eto make yourself known. go on. feel free. please? i'll even look away while you type your number in


g: and the winner of australian idol, 2006, is mr damien leith
text from me to kirsty: damien
text from kirsty to me: lame
text from me to kirsty: actually ist quite lovely. jess is still smiling and laughing the entire time, she;s hilarious. damien is making lots of irish noises that make no sense


then i fed my cats, contemplated watching almost famous, but decided that you would be hanging to read my idol wrap up, so here i am typing it out for you.

oh, kirsty. auditions for next years big brother are december 8. i reckon you should go for it

now im gonna go check petstarr and see if their idolblog is done...

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