Saturday, November 04, 2006

spammers, the whole lot of you!

i'll take you back to tuesday to start off with. i was looking after the boys for personwhosnameimustnevermention who had band practice*. it was halloween. there was a knock at my door and a voice called out, 'trick or treat!'. it was e, e potter. complete with cape, wand, glasses and a scar. x followed in a camo vest, knife belt and scooter helmet. i dont think anyone, including x, was quite sure what he was, but they were happy.
so we set off down the road, 'just like hermione' says e. im about to ask him why walking down the road with your mum, dressed as a wizard and an armycop, makes us anything at all like hermione granger when i look down and at his feet is banjo. seems the wizard got himself a trick or treating cat. banjo followed us to each house, occassionally making her way up to the porch with the boys.

first house, woman already standing at her front door, 'we dont do that'
second house, through the closed screen door, 'we dont do that here'
third house, tv sounds clearly heard, 'no ones home, mum'
fourth house, and excited young man of about 25 opens door 'wow, you two look great! let me see what i can find for you' he comes back with $2 each for the boys 'now you can get whatever you like. you guys look great!'

aaaah, things are looking up.

fifth house, calling from somewhere inside 'no, doesnt happen here!'
sixth house, calling from somewhere inside 'we dont do that stuff here!'
seventh house, calling from somewhere inside 'we dont do that!'

me: guys, i think its time to give up
e: why are people on our street so mean?
x: yeah, and rude!

so we went home and we watched the simpsons and ate our dinner and there was a knock on the door.
two 10 year old girls and a boy were standing there with bags of goodies. as i handed them some jelly beans i wished them good luck with my street as the boys hadnt gotten anything

girl dressed as a witch with black wings: your boys got nothing? nothing at all?
gdaawwbw: i have so much...i dont need all of this. your boys can have some of mine

and all three of the kids grabbed lollies out of their own bags and handed them over to the boys.

theres the halloween spirit!

that night there was much wriggling in my chair as dan had quite a lot of screen time on all saints. yay

a couple of weeks ago, as you may recall, sandi and i were approached at the cranka and asked if we were eligible. after he turned out to be gay, i commented on the request list

I seriously think you should set upsome sort of match making thing. There are people looking for someone special, they just need a kick start. Love Carly. PS AGAIN a guy I thought was hot was gay. SEE WHY WE NEED THIS!!?

and guess who makes it to the email list again? oh yes, that would be me. and the response?

Carly maybe on to something here. CRANK DATE - bringing the love lorn and the looking for love together through badly mixed pop music. But I¹m a bit worried about the tone of Carly¹s plea. She sounds a little...antsy. So let¹s be pro-active. THE LET¹S FIND CARLY A MAN CONTEST starts today. Got a friend who is hot and not gay? Are in fact you hot and not gay? Send a picture and details of your potential suitor for Carly to your humble DJ host and I¹ll pass them onto Carly discretely. Any other people loving for a CRANK ASSISTED LOVE MATCH, GET IN TOUCH.

im rather worried about going tonight. although im rather intrigued as well. im not actually looking for a boyfriend really, i was asking more for the blonde guy looking for 'a nice girl, not a blonde slutty skank' so it will be an interesting night
sandi thinks the problem would be solved with a sticker on the forehead. if you have a sticker, you're single and looking. she could be on to something there.

last night i had a dinner date with some wonderful wonderful girls. kirsty, chronicles, rebessac and snadi. we went to the seacliff and had lovely meal. after dinner, kirsty went home and the rest of us trip trapped upstairs for drinks and dancing. first of all, i must tell you that the seacliff does not play music i am accustomed to. for instance, i was serenaded (with actions) by my friends, as 'my hump' played. there was also a rousing rendition of 'hollaback girl'. it was amusing, to say the least. i am so glad i dont know the words. although i do remember reading them somewhere....aaah, here they are. jessculture, you never let me down**

then the lights came on and the dj packed up his stuff, and all of a sudden the police are there and they've grabbed a big fat man and they're wrestling him to the ground and a glass is thrown at a police man and then some bouncers run for the glass thrower and all of a sudden, my eyes are fuzzing up, and its harder to see and i realise people are coughing and i think, actually, yeah, i need to cough too, and people are running for the balcony doors and throwing them open. that, my friends, was capsicum spray, and it hurts like fuck. i cant imagine what it would be like to catch it straight in the face. no thankyou. im a good girl.

also, it has come to my attention that people attempting to leave comments are being met with the massage that they are spammers. im sorry. i know you're not spammers. i have written the comment people and we'll see what happens.

which brings us to now. im about to go get ready and search through my floor for appropriate clothing for tonight. who knows, i may meet my prince (although im still pining for my brave and fierce knight)

*stupid boys and their stupid band, but it inspired me to write some lyrics for the band. its a sea shanty!

carly, i am massively, massively sorry

i should have thought about how she would feel
when i started this band, it didnt seem a big deal
but now ive thought about it, yes she is right
and i'll stay up writing songs for the rest ofthe night
just to make it up to her

into every song i'll slip a small message
only she'll understand
that only she'll notice
and maybe, one day
i'll make it up to her

and perhaps in the long run its better this way
we'd never be able to get up there and play
cos the girlfriends of band members make her freak out
and want to punch people and yell scream and shout

and im sorry, im sorry i started this band
im sorry its come out just like we planned
except you're not involved
and you're not invited
and i clearly see how you'd be less than delighted

but maybe, one day, i'll make it up to her

**except for when you dont post for ages. that makes me a sad panda :(

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