Saturday, November 25, 2006


im reading moby dick.

well, i'm not actually reading it. im reading 'the art of kissing' by hugh morris. printed in 1936, is a rolliking book of fact finding fun! meanwhile im reading moby dick vicariously through matthew baldwin, who we all know my undying unrequited un-word that means he doesnt love me back, nor does he even know i for.

not only do i get to read selected paragraphs from the actual book, i get a summary of 50 or so of the pages, a list of words and their meanings, and wonderful little gems of his own thoughts, like this one

Likewise with the edutainment chapters. Ishmael knew nothing about whaling before he joined the Pequod; now that they are at sea, though, he suddenly breaks the narrative with entire chapters devoted to the taxonomy of oceanic mammals and the migratory patterns of whales. Apparently he can access Wikipedia via the Pequod wireless network.

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