Friday, November 17, 2006

blow out the candles

after 12 years, chris crouch is closing down candle records, the most amazing record company ever to walk the face of this earth, if record companies could walk.

i saw darren hanlon last night at the jade monkey. crouchy was there, as always. it was such a great night. i hope he still travels around a bit with some of the bands. of course the batteries in my camera died just as i went to take the first photo, but i have a couple of snaps on my phone.
eli even had the class bear, gummy, to stay over night with him last night so gummy had a bit of an adventure. he got to go to a soundcheck and meet a famous musician.

darren and his tour manager, nat were really lovely with the boys. talking to them and asking them questions. dazz asked the boys what their fav band was. e said darren hanlon, x said the decemberists and shirley bassey. i think they made a good impression. x helped bree set up her drums, and then had a song writing moment in the toilets where he composed a new hit.

i was walking along the road
i fell over and hurt my knee
i was feeling miserable
then i saw my best friend
and then i felt alright

something like that

anyway, thankyou to everyone for a wonderful wonderful night

and thankyou to chris crouch, for the music

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