Sunday, October 22, 2006

stupid cupid

sometimes all you need is a little help from a faerie. now, see me up there in my cupid getup? yeah, well, i didnt need to get the wings out or fly the love hearts around last night. all i had to do was put pen to paper and, with the help of sandi, prove to two people that they really were meant to be.

bek and mick? this ones for you.

apparently they met at the cranka in august. know how i know that? mick showed sandi the text that bek sent him the day after, saying how nice a time she had. see that? HE KEPT THE TEXT MESSAGE! sweetness, much? sandi and i came across bek when we couldnt keep it to ourselves how gosh darn cute she is. she got all coy and embarrassed in her own bek way, and proceeded to inform us that she has stupidly low self esteem which is INSANE because she is beautiful beautiful. so since then, we've been chatting and dancing, and we learn about mick. mick is CSI hat guy. know him? he is the loveliest of lovely, and the two of them are so dumb together its adorable. they dont rush at each other, they just dance around each other, making eye contact and dancing "together" across the room. then they'll cuddle and kiss.
i asked something about mick to bek and she said 'he's not my boyfriend, i wish!' and i thought, thats dumb, becaouse they clearly like each other. so after weeks of this, i decided to get answers.
borrowing dj ians request pen and list, i wrote a note that looked a little something like this

and didnt he get all coy and embarassed! (see how alike they are?) sandi took over from here, having a heart to heart with him, finding out that he absolutely adores her. and you know what? she absolutely adores him. funny about that.

so, the note is back in micks pocket. he's keeping it, of course, sentimental fella. and love is floating around the place like nobodys business. suddenly i turn around an brett is kissing emma.

excuse me what?


ha! that spells 'bike'. anyway, yeah. bret is kissing emma and if it isnt the sweetest kiss ive seen in my lfe. both me and sandi wanted to be the recipients of that kiss, it looked so lovely. there were cheers and hoorays abounding, but im a little concerned it was a kiss between friends that shouldnt really have happened. i hope everything works out for the best, whatever the best may be.

then i spy a nice enough looking boy. he's kinda cute. he comes up to us and asks us if we're eligable. for what? for that guy over there with teh blonde hair and white polo shirt. apparently he thinks its time he settled down with a nice girl. not a blonde slutty bimbo. 'like the girl he picked up the other week?' i ask....'exactly' he says. unfortunately i have to turn down his offer. i thank him for considering us though, very thoughtful. see, i've made eye contact with this boy before. not for any real reason, just cos i was looking around at people, as i like to do. and he made this 'totally not interested and as if i would ever be interested in you' face. so no, sorry nice polite gay boy, im not interested in your friend.

lastly comes...i cant even remember his name. i didnt hear it properly to begin with to be honest.he looked rather like this

except with a black tshirt. he smiles at i kinda smile back, cos im polite and stuff. later in the night he ends up next to me.
'hi, im sdalshshf*'
'and you are?'
'i know this is going to sound really lame but, you look really familiar'
'hmm...k....well, where do you live?'
'new south wales'
'i see...well, i live in adelaide, so it cant be that'
'what do you do?'
'im a librarian'
'oh, well thats not that bad'
', its not bad at all...i actually quite like it...'
walking away now.....

what sort of conversation was that?

at 4am, after jigging to a weird al polka, sandi and i travelled home. there was a bright light over the hills. ' i wonder whats going on over there?' i ask. 'dunno' says sandi, 'oh, i know, its the moon!'

actually, no, its not the moon.

its the sun

the sun is coming up as we drive along the expressway, and as i crawl into bed, my room has already started to take on a blueish tinge. i'll wake up in 7 hours, to the bright lights of the midday sun

*not actual name
**kirsty believes i should have answered 'not interested'

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