Thursday, October 19, 2006

"EEEEEOWWWFFTZ!"said Scarface Claw.
after a day and a half out the back of my house, i took the nasty feral cat to the rspca. i do feel bad that its going to die..i mean, be euthanased, but its messing with my baby pusscats and that just cant happen.
im hoping that they desex it and it calms down, but i just dont think it will. apart from the fact it was probably shit scared/angry that it was in a cage, i made sure it had food and water, and was out of the weather and comfortable, and the thing kept spitting at me and throwing itself around the cage like it was crazy.
i took it up to the desk and the lady took one look at it and called someone, asking for help getting a feral cat out of a cage. i dont think there's much hope for it, really.

according to the people in the street, it was left here 3 or 4 years ago and has been living around the place ever since. when i was moving in, tom was here on his own one day and heard a noise at the back door. he opened it up and the black cat walked right in like it owned the place. and maybe one day it did, but now my pusscats live here and i cant have them standing in the doorway in fear of being raped anymore.
so i've done a service to the community. im sure it wasnt just my cats that were being terrorised.

i still feel bad though

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