Saturday, October 28, 2006

all week, x has been waking up at 6am or earlier. today he made it to 7 before he came in and spelled out an experiment he needed to do.

his notes say
steps for micstyre - top secret

it required a beaker, non carbonated spring water, and a teaspoon of 'food items'.

"whats food items?", i asked.
"oh, its just like, hmm, you know, like brown, kind of bits, like, chocolatey sort of mixture?"
"so you need a teaspoon of milo?"

the steps are
1. spring wartar
2. becker like cup
3. food items
4. stir
5. ceck it
6. study it
7. finished

he also needs supervision. i'll let you know the outcome.

then at 7:45, after i'd scooted him outside to think about the outcomes of his experiment, e came in to snuggle with me.

"you smell mum"
" i? what do i smell like?"
"you smell like 'i love you'"

sometimes i dont mind being woken up at all

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