Tuesday, October 03, 2006

my turn - idol

apart from my hearditherefirst expose about how dean wants to do rude things with me, i've kept pretty quiet about australian idol this year.
since i cant think of anything else to write about, and since im not as clever with the words as some people* i'm going to give you my idol opinion.

first up, i love a singing and dancing show.

there is nothing quite like it. actually, there really was nothing quite like young talent time, was there? man, i loved that show. i was so going to be on young talent time. aaah well, a girl can dream. maybe one day.

anyway, singing and dancing shows? all good. the problem with this one though, is that they're looking for a specific thing. they're looking for someone they can mould, someone who will sing the songs that they want them to. wear the clothes, say the right things. this is why, although casey donovan won, you dont hear from her anymore. she didnt do as she was told. this of course, is only a guess, but its what i think.

therefore, here are my predictions for this years idol

ricky - too weak. he tries hard, bless his little cotton socks, and he wants it. he wants it and i'd say he'd be willing to do anything for it. while this is a good thing as far as the judges are concerned, most especially creepy holden, i dont think australia will vote for him. little aussie battler, yes, australian idol winner 2006? no.

and he wears slacks

lavina- having her sister in the competition last year isnt going to do her any favours, but at least she doesnt cry after every song. i dont like her though. i think she's a good singer. shes good at what she does. i just dont think shes an idol

and she has tattoos and wears corsets. maybe shes into bdsm. i dont think australia will go for that

dean- mmmmm, dean, mmmmmm

lets look at more dean

wasnt that nice?

i dont want dean to win. he writes his own songs already and he's good looking enough to do it on his own. he can also do things with me.

im too sleepy to finish now. i have to go to work tomorrow. as if i cant just be a lady of leisure, sheesh

damien - i like damien. and damn if he isnt getting a lil bit spunkier each episode. did you notice how i said 'episode' and not 'performance'? that was clever of me. i am kindacleverwiththewords. i think the problem with damien is that people forget his name. they just call him 'the irish one' which i dont think icounts when you vote for him. he'll get to the final 3 or 4 though, i think

named his son jarvis, hehe, cute

incidentally, theres a possum on my roof. true story

moving right along

chris- chris should have his own show. he cracks me up no end. he's also a pretty darn good singer. again though, he has his own band already and i dont think he would be happy singing songs written by mark holden. he could stand up for himself better than a lot of the others, but in the end he'd have to do what he was told and i think this would break his heart a little bit

how can you not laugh?

lisa- lil lisa. aint she just the cutest? well, i personally think shes a bit of a scamp and knows how to work her cute. i dont want her to win. i think she neds to record her own stuff, perhaps on john butlers label, and put it out there herself. she doesnt need to be sucked in and spat out of the idol machine. its already starting.

here she is, all sweet and country girl like at the auditions

and here she's been let loose in supre and will soon be on the cover of dolly magazine

just let her do her own stuff, please.

bobby- bobby is great. i cant say anything else about him. he wont win, and he shouldnt win, for the same reasons as lisa shouldnt, and for the same reason as chris - it would break his heart
go here and download bobby singing 'when the war is over' and tell me he's not amazing. he doesnt need idol. i still get goosebumps listening to that song.

and lastly we have little baby jess- this is who should win idol. she has the talent, she has the looks. but as well as that she is young enough and mouldable enough to do it. and she could happily do it for 2 or 3 years until she comes into her own and starts doing what ever it is she truely wants to do with music. and it could well be making idol records, and thats fine, cos she'd be good at it.


so thats my entirely well researched idol stuff. this sundays episode is disco themed.

i fear dean will not make it to the guitar night.

he is singing gloria estefan.

bye dean, see you in bed

*you are socleverwiththewords

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