Wednesday, October 18, 2006


i have a blog where i post my writing. ie, not dribbling crap i post here. i havent updated it in a long while, but today i decided to check out my webtracker and see what sort of people are looking at my stuff.

Last 20 Searchengine QueriesUnique Visitors
10 Feb, Fri, 06:12:32 MSN Search: fell walking hats pictures
11 Mar, Sat, 04:25:28 MSN Search: brutally honest game questions
22 Mar, Wed, 16:09:40 MSN Search: how to get rid of pillow creases on face
30 Apr, Sun, 07:09:43 Google: "i dont want to hold you down" + landing
04 May, Thu, 05:54:05 Google: he stares deep into my eyes what does this mean?
15 May, Mon, 02:45:46 MSN Search: grandmas sex diaries
16 May, Tue, 02:06:10 Yahoo: how to apply eyeshadow for night time with pictures
18 May, Thu, 00:10:05 MSN Search: funny words
24 May, Wed, 16:35:34 MSN Search: inside her
30 May, Tue, 09:34:13 Google: "it was all just a game"
01 Jun, Thu, 12:30:27 Google: "touch my" + "her breast against"
07 Jun, Wed, 22:19:40 Google: sun hurting eyes through window
24 Aug, Thu, 06:37:30 Google: the bottom of my eyes seem to sink in but arent dark
25 Aug, Fri, 14:05:12 Google: "kicked her shoes off
02 Sep, Sat, 17:14:35 Google: link:
22 Sep, Fri, 18:24:02 Google: "I DONT WANT TO HOLD YOU DOWN"

rightio then

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