Monday, October 16, 2006

i fear im in danger of becoming an idol blogger. so, instead, i'll fill you in on whats going on at the moment.

today i shall be moseying on down to the council chambers to vote no. i havent been paying a hell of a lot of attention to what im voting no too, cos, to be honest, anything more than a page long with no breaks in it hurts my brain and i cant get it to sink in, let alone to make anything that even resembles sense. all i know is that if i vote yes i'll be getting an extra $300 a year, but its possibly over three years, and they'll take away my tea breaks.
not exactly.
here, i'll explain:

you're allowed to have a 15 minute tea break in the morning. but only if you take it at your desk. and only if you work through it.
cant wait for when they brin in wee breaks.

also, i need to pick up a cat cage so i can catch the mother fucker thats terrorising my pusscats. son of a bitch is going down.

tomorrow im getting my hair cut at hairhouse warehouse. i normally get my hair done...well, by me in the shower, or at the colour bar, but HHWH were giving out showbags that had scratchies in them and sandi won a free hair cut, so im trying them out. i'll let you know how i go. i havent seen a coffee machine or a massive big screen television with movies, but they do appear to have massaging chairs at their sinks.
then i'll go visit sandi and bring her some food.

wednesday, thursday and friday i shall be working. on one of these days i hope to recieve a mixed tape from the guitarist from krystapinczh. please gus, make your bands name just a little bit harder to spell, k? cos i dont think its actually hard enough yet.

saturday, sandi and i will be doing whatever the hell we want cos we dont have any kids. YAY! are there any bands playing/parties that we should know about happening on saturday night?
we'll be at the cranka afterwards, but sandi is getting old and is finding it hard to leave for somewhere at 11:30pm. i, on the other hand, feel like i'll get even more tired if i go out dancin/drinkin beforehand, but we'll see

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