Monday, October 09, 2006

not actually an idol blog

look at this gem i found on the australian idol forums

in a ridiculous time wasting joke thread, someone commeneted that dean should be disqualified for his gymnastics last night. oh, how the hilarity followed:

It was not gymnastics theme night. He should not have done a backflip because that is cheating and know one else was allowed. Next week he'll start doing the Pommel Horse if someone doesnt put a stop to it.

excuse me...he was under supervision by the choreographers and he is experienced...no1 else has tried or askd 2 do 1 hav dey...not that dey cood haha... n ma bro iz kylez friend from the show and no1 has a rulebook except for mark. and your stupid no backflips in not in de book. itz jus lyk sayin no backflips for dean, no rnb moves for lavina, no standin still for bobby, no jumping round for ricky, no cute smiling from damien, no screaming from chris, no charming from lisa, no high notes for dont go making stupid posts when you dont know ANYTHING...just cause your old n find it hard 2 stand up dun critisize dean for hiz talents!!! go rickii n dean 2nyt...good luk...

uh hu



thirdly, and more importantly, back to my usual grown up charm, on saturday sandi saw a guy and said that she thought he was spunky. so i yelled 'sandi wants to kiss you' at him. i am so great, what a helpful friend.

next, i will share an incident from saturday night at the cranka

a month or so ago a guy came up to dance with me and at the time, i thought 'great!' cos sandi was pashing some guy, and his geeky mate was trying to dance with me and i didnt want to dance with geeky mate, so i danced with this sideburns guy. we just danced, and then he went away, and geeky man and his mate went home, so everything was all good. then saturday night, sideburns is there again, and he's looking at me, and im thinking he remembers me from the dancing so i smiled and then kept dancing. but then everytime i looked around his way, he was looking at me again. even going so far as to push his girlfriend to the side after she kissed him.
so he walks past behind me and slides his hand across my back, then turns around and looks back like hes waiting for me. i stayed and danced. about 10 minutes later he does it again except this time he grabs my hand and pulls me out to the bar. so we're standing there and he's holding my hand, and staring at me, saying
'what is it with us? what is it...this connection we have?'
and i said 'hmm, well...i dont know really, but i do know that i saw you kissing a girl just before'
'mmmm...yeah...that would be my girlfriend'
'its just not fair'
'oh well'
'its just that you're'

and then at this point sandi comes in dancing like a nong and hands me a glass of water 'just making sure you're hydrated'

'are they your friends?'
'its just not fair....'
'you know what i think?'
'i think you should go and dance with your girlfriend'
'its just that you're'
'so what?'
'so hot!'
and i laughed and laughed and laughed and told him to go dance with his girlfriend so he walked off and turned around with a big pouty sad face.
see how im a good girl? i could have so easily been the naughty girl, letting him kiss me, but no.

it doesnt feel good to be in the girlfriends position

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