Friday, December 15, 2006

dear windows media player,
how are you? good i hope. i must say, you're looking quite nice in your updated state. very swish. i wiondered when that would happen. your old self was looking a little...dated? anyway, nice job sprucing yourself up.
so the reason im writing is firstly to thank you for finding some great music that i havent listened to in a long time. there are various reasons for this. thinking i didnt feel like listening to that band, forgetting i had that cd, and the main one, knowing that if i listened to that album i would fall back in time and get sad/mad/sulky, etc (please see convenience, kings of).

so far, i have managed to listen to a lot of songs and simply sing along, thats all. its been great. but, as you may have noticed, there are some songs which see me diving for the 'next' button. im wondering if you will learn this over time, or should i go through and rate them as only one star so you wont play them as often? i dont want to get rid of them totally, as in truth, they are good songs, and one day i hope to listen to them again with no feelings but 'this is a good song to sing along to'. perhaps i'll just go do the star idea, see how that works.

anyway, just thought i'd send you a catch up letter, let you know how im going, see how you're going, that sort of thing. see what you can do about that song thing? thanks mate

talk to you soon,

love carly

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