Wednesday, June 22, 2005

home sweet home

i've been here for 3 weeks now and i like it. i've gotten used to my little retro house and i'm happy to come home now.
i was worried about this week, being the first real week without the kids. but i've been doing ok. apart from the whole 'im about to kill someone because of how sick im feeling' thing, im feeling pretty good.

apparently being without the internet for so long has broken my ability to type. im averaging about two words before i need to backspace and retype.

so, yeah, i have a new home and i have two new members of my family.

here is a photo of them

banjo and clancy

look! its a pile of pusscats!

my new little girls moved in last wednesday, so today they're 9 weeks old.
here's a sweet pic of banjo


i'd go take a cute photo of them both right now, all curled up, snuggling together in blanket, but i seem to have misplaced my camera. which is a shame cos i took a picture of this really cool scab i've got on my knee and i wanted to show you all. i guess you'll just have to wait, sorry, cant be helped.

banjo and clancy have definatley made this week go a lot easier. personwhosnameimustnevermention never understod why i wanted a cat, but sitting there last night, watching tv and having my kitties curled up in my lap, patting their soft fur and playing with their little paws, thats exactly why i wanted pusscats, and now i have them and i love them.

the boys get along really well with them too. eli...eli needs to be watched. he has it in for banjo, im sure. or maybe he's just trying to get her ready to be a circus kitty, who knows, but so far he's locked her in a suitcase and thrown her into the air so she lands in the top shelf of the book case. aaah, kids and animals, hey...

well, im freezing my fingers off here, so i'll sign off...i will have a new email address in the coming weeks when i get broadband. oh yeah. say it with me people : broadband internet. that along with the massive tv and digital set top box my brother got me, has brought me straight into the 21st my retro home...yes

i also have a new home address and phone number, so whoever wants it that i havent already given it to, please email me at the 'email me' address up there ^ actually, just email me there from now on, and i'll let you know my other email address when i get it.

bye internet, thanks for missing me and for still being there when i eventually got was as if i never left

ps. i possibly maybe have a major crush on a boy *blush*

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