Wednesday, June 29, 2005

you'd like to visit? please take acid before entering

many colours aaah, so here's a little montage i put together of the many colours, fabrics and textures on offer in my abode.
first up we have the stripes of the boys rooms. i quite like this carpet, its in the kids bedroom and playroom.

next we have the magic carpet which only inhabits the bottom of the scatman cupboards in the playroom. im convinced that this carpet moves like a magic eye picture

this is the wallpaper in the boys bedroom. unfortunately its only on 2 of the walls, how could they have stopped at just two???

this fetching pink floral wallpaper has been paired with the stripes of the first picture in the playroom. beautiful, isnt it? i love how eveyrging matches so well. the pink flowers with the blue, brown, white, orange, yellow, green and aqua carpet - its a stroke of genius

these are the curtains in the bathroom. they match with the royal puple wallpaper, the mauve, pink and white floor tiles and the mauve and white wall tiles with the bird pattern. this room actually matches. i think its in the wrong house

this wallpaper was originally in the kitchen and dining room, and some if it can still be found in there under the cupboards and in the doorways. but where it is most effective is in the laundry. wow. thats all i can say

this is by far my favourite wallpaper. its only in the two builtins in the toy room, where the scatman lives. it used to cover the whole bedroom, along with the magic carpet. i wish this room was original. oh how i would trip. and charge people admission

this is the wallpaper in my bedroom. it has been paired with a brown/beige/yellow wallpaper on two of the walls, which has been partly removed in patches and painted in with brown/beige/yellow paint. where patches of the blue wallpaper have been removed they've filled in the gaps with pale blue paint. you can hardly tell!!!

i feel like we should be on a boat being paddled by oompaloompas

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