Friday, June 03, 2005

a temporary pause and a whole new outlook

so, i've kinda been hiding something from you. its probably time i came out in the open and told you all everything. and what better time to do it than now, when i'll be offline for an indeterminable amount of time.

first of all, i've changed jobs now, so any of you who've come looking for me at noarlunga will now have to travel to the hub. they've transferred me and im not very happy about it, but whatever. something will come up eventually and i'll be back at noarlunga. in the meantime i'll be debiting books. uhuh

it was only my second day today, so i'll probably grow to like it...i hope, anyway. unfortunatley my brain has already switched to bunnings mode and i'm planning sick days way ahead of time. thats a very dangerous thing for me to be doing. especially at this time, cos i need all the money i can get.

on monday im moving out

after almost seven years of living together, personwhosnameimustnevermention and i have finally decided that it's really going to work better for everyone involved if we go our seperate ways. it's been pretty sad around here. i'm packing all my stuff and he's being realy helpful, but its crap. its realy crappy.
im not moving far away. i've found a place which i've called the paisley palace and its just down the road really, maybe a minutes drive in the car. and the backyard has the added bonus of a huge inground swimming pool, entirely filled to the brim with sand.

it will be an adventure.

for any of you who've followed my blog since the beginning, you'll know that while personwhosnameimustnevermention and i have always gotten along well, there have definately been some ups and downs. and i am quite willing to accept that the blame is about 70/30. i know i've made a lot of decisions in our time together that have effected our relationship in some pretty bad ways. surprise! i'm not an innocent little faerie girl. but i know i tried to the best of my ability and so did he. and we both believe that living apart is going to best for the boys in the long run.

i'll be packing up my computer tomorrow. so if any of you leave any comments, negative or positive, im not ignoring you, i just have no computer.

everything should return to semi normal in the next week. there will be updates, and there will be pictures.

i just hope there'll be support

love carly

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