Tuesday, May 18, 2010


  1. Anonymous5:19 pm

    how did the gigs go lfg? do your parents every watch you perform? mine used to come every now and then until i got really good then they stopped - go figure :-)

  2. carly5:41 pm

    they were really good. my mum has come a few times, but a lot of the time shes looking after my kids so i can play

    what do you play?

  3. Anonymous9:13 pm

    keyboards and guitars mainly but a few other things. apologies for being anonymous but had a few weird fb experiences and prefer to keep things uncomplicated these days.

  4. carly9:17 pm

    i got a keyboard a little while ago. i dont know how to play it tho

    no worries about anonymousing. i get it. i should probably be a little less revealing myself. itd be nice to know who i was talking to, is all