Tuesday, May 25, 2010

i know everyone who has the internet has seen these before, but i want to post them again

also, i had a thought

im wondering if comfortable and safe and happy is what i was supposed to be feeling all this time
what if the love and wanting at the start is just what it is, at the start. because sooner or later i get bored and annoyed with people and i dont want to be around them
what if happy and comfortable and friendly is supposed to be how it starts and the love and the wanting comes later, when you really know each other


  1. Anonymous4:00 pm

    if it starts comfortable and safe and happy and remains that way after bored and annoyed usually kick in weeks or months later, then you might be on to something....

  2. carly5:29 pm

    one day im gonna make it so you have to leave your name...

    but maybe. i dont think so tho

    ive only ever had 1 relationship without the bored and annoying. that still ended