Tuesday, September 21, 2004


i dont think there would be many things that i enjoy more than laying in bed and reading a good book. this becomes even more enjoyable when it is cold and rainy outside, and snuggly warm inside with my blankets and pillows and hot cups of honey sweetened tea by my side.

today in adelaide, the forecasted temperature is 30 degrees. thats celcius, friends of the farenheit countries, which means its getting damn close to being summer.
i dislike summer. i dislike the sweaty uncomfortable feeling of clothes sticking to me with the heat. i dislike not being able to find a cool place to lay down, because the entire house has heated up and even the floorboards are warm. i dislike not being able to wrap myself in blankets. all in all, there is not much about summer i really like, excpet being able to wear skirts, of which i own quite a few.

i live in christies beach which is a beautiful little suburb. as marc says 'its like a holiday every day'. i love the fact that i live so close to the beach. so close to the sand and the surf, the gorgeous blue of the ocean, the salty breeze...i dont wish to live anywhere else. i also dont wish to get burnt to a frazzle, so i dont go to the beach really, i just like to look at it and live close by it incase i feel like going there.

so now that summer has started to set in, i'll be spending a lot more time indoors, pretending its winter, and thinking about the beach

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