Saturday, September 25, 2004

one flew east, one flew west

some of you who are good with the looking and seeing and noticing of new things may have noticed the ad for cuckoos nest over there ->

things are going pretty well but we're still short on props. if you could help at all it would be greatly appreciated

Items needed:
Magazine Rack (white); 6 seater table (white painted wood); 10 chairs (white painted wood); Rocking chair (white); TV cabinet with shelves on wheels (pref. white)

Brown Leather restraining belt/strap; Surgical/medical tray; Electrodes for shock therapy; Teeth clamp for shock therapy; 2 x straightjackets; Bandages; Nurses watch.

Games/jigsaw puzzles (empty boxes OK); Old fashioned keys; Small TV (doesn’t need to work); Toilet scrubbing brush with large scrubbing head; Big broom with short handle; Old mop & steel bucket; White blanket; Wooden clip board; Desk microphone (for a loudspeaker); Steel torch; White painted metal bucket; Reel to reel tape recorder; Referees whistle; Cuckoo’s clock; Old clocks; Clock workings.

2 White nurses uniforms (one to be ripped); 3 white orderlies uniforms; 2 Nurse’s hats; Leather hat.

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