Monday, September 27, 2004


weekend was cool. saturday night i slept at saras for the 4th den night. read more here.

sunday i face painted for a while at the morphett vale sports complex open day with vicki and eliza. that was pretty cool. i found out that i dont totally suck at face painting which is lucky for all the kids that i painted. it was a bit hard to do all the things they wanted with only black and red paint, but we managed. lots of spidermen and girls running around yesterday. i also met a little boy named liam. liam was my favourite boy of the day. he was three years old, had beautiful little boy skin and cute parents with scottish or irish accents. all in all, very cute. on top of all that, he asked me to paint a giraffe on his face.
i love giraffes. not as much as liam tho, it seems, as he had to tell me exactly how a giraffe was to be painted. i did the red body, head, neck and legs. i was painting the splotches...splotches is the technical name, i checked with liam and he would know, and i made the passing comment that i was just about to do the splotches on its legs...
'giraffes dont have splotches on their legs'
'they dont?'
'no, only on their bodies. and they have little horns. have you paint little horns yet and sticky out ears?'
eeep, horns, forgot about those...
'yep, liam, just doing that now...and..'
'and a tail'
'yep, and a tail'
his mum leans over and takes a look. 'its looking really great liam'
'no liam, giraffe'
his mum smiles. 'liam, tell the lady what you want to be when you grow up'
'a giraffe'
i smiled. 'thats great liam, it'll be really handy for when you have to see something up really high'

so so far i have met zac who wants to be a superhero, (zac walkley to the rescue), liam who wants to be a giraffe, and kylies boyfriend who wants to be a fire engine. he's grown up now tho, and i dont know if he's gotten to fire engine status yet.

sunday afternoon i had a workshop at harry's for cuckoos nest. it was really good actually. a rather large shame that dale couldnt make it, considering hers is one of the major parts (nurse ratchett) and that in my opinion she is the one who needs the most work.
kylie and i were bored and were passing notes. we also played hangman with rude words.

then i watched criminal intent and loved vincent donofio again. i think i may write him a letter. if i send it, i'll document my progress here for you all to see

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