Thursday, September 23, 2004

to all the people i owe emails to

get over it, it'l happen sooner or later. as was mentioned in an email to me, i didnt say anything about the boys in my rather large catch up entry.

boys. well, they're ok. they're a bit stinky, but from my experience, school aged boys do have a unique smell.
x is currently attending his second to last day of transission, which means next term he'll be moved up to the reception class to start doing actual real work. hang on, i have to wee. ok, back. so yeah, he'll be moved up. i think he's only 2 kids who are going up so soon. he's only in his first term of school. my clever clever boy. they have their readers all lined up in boxes on the shelf to choose from each day. levels 1, 2, 3 and 4. then there's a level 10 box for x and x alone, because he is so clever :) he's spunky too, such a cool guy.

now e, well, e has been sleeping lots. you may think that is a great thing, and on the surface it is because this kid is a million miles a minute and he does not have day time sleeps. when you're the parent of a million miles an hour kid who DOES NOT SLEEP, you tend to go a litle loco at times. so when e fell asleep at quarter to three on tuesday, slept through getting in and out of the car through school pick up, and then only woke up at 7, i was thinking i must have won some mummy lottery that i'd forgotten i'd entered. then wednesday came and he did it again, fell asleep in the afternon. except this time he woke up at 4:30 with a temperature of 39.9 and covered in spots. uhuh, yeah, i was thinking measels. and i was about to yell some very mean words at the immunization board for making him get a needle when he was gonna get the disease anyway.
i took him to see the lovely doctor robyn, who is cool. she said its showing almost all the symptoms of measels and i should take him down to flinders. i dont know if any of you out there realise what 'take him down to flinders' means, so i'll explain it.
if you go to flinders through emergency, there is every chance you will have to wait there for upwards of 8 hours to see someone. dr robyn saw the look on my face and said, oh no, dont worry, i'll be faxing them, they'll know it could be measels, and they'll see him straight away.
we were seen pretty quick actually. they had to put us in a lock down room with a guard, and then move us to the negative pressure room because its such a contagious disease. turns out its just some virus thats presented itself in a measles like rash, but it was good to get out of there in less that 2 hours.

so yeah, everyone's fine, albeit a litle spotty. did i spell that right? albiet? albeit? anyway, e's spotty but we're all fine

and personwhosnameimustnevermention? well he's decidedly chuffed because the velveteen habit are number 5 on the south australian music industry charts

well done lads

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