Wednesday, September 22, 2004

keyboard confessional

i know i've been pretty quiet around here when its come to actual posts. and by actual posts i mean ones with actual news content, as opposed to ones full of crappy dribble.
i've been pretty busy really. doin lots of stuff...yeah, stuff. ok, i havent been busy, but my mind has been. i've been doing a lot of thinking, and that seems to have taken over from my blogging time. some may say thats a good thing, since i only ever blog uninteresting drivel, but i seem to have some sort of a minor following, so i feel like i should update you all on whats been going on in my life.

today i went for a job interview. i meant to tell you all about it weeks ago, but then i decided i didnt want to jinx it. i didnt want a comment box full of 'good lucks' only to have a comment box full of 'better luck next times' in a week or so.

vicki told me there were jobs going with the libraries. i've always wanted to be a librarian. it was my first employment dream. at that stage i thought it would be great because i could just read books all day. i now realise its a lot more work than that, but the fact i'll be working with books all the time is still great.

300 people applied for the job. as of yesterday i thought i was one of 40 who got called in for an interview. as it turns out i was one of only 22. there are 9 jobs available, so the odds are pretty good. i made them laugh too, which is possibly a good thing. ok, they were laughing at me, but i think that's probably ok for now.
they had asked me a question about team work, and my answer was going really well, until...

'when working in a team environment, there needs to be good....good....* can hear my thinking noises...smack myself in the side of the head* my brains just gone, nope, thats enough know that word that means people talking to each other? communication, thats it! there needs to be good communication'

yeah, a fun time was had by all.

so what else has been happening? well matt, marc and i finished recording on sunday. our thirteen songs have been whittled down to 10, and the mixing and mastering will begin soon. once that's all done the duplication will begin and the cd will be out there for all to hear and see. go humble bee go!

i've started sewing up some of my ideas. here's the latest one i've finished

its reversable and very cute. perhaps one day i'll have enough of these things to actually start selling stuff.

in other day to day news, vicki is away on holidays this week, spending time with her family. BWAAAHAHAHAHAHA. i cant even go to her house without getting a scary feeling from her parents, i dont know how she could spend a week in close proximity to them, let alone live with them. actually, come to think of it, she doesnt know how she does it either. but she'll be back on saturday for the 4th den movie night, woohoo! its in celebration of eliza's 16th birthday, which was a few weeks ago now, but this weekend is gonna be the first time we'll all be able to make it. i am bringing desserty goodness and i rule.

had a lovely get together on monday with sharyn, karlie and jodie, three girls i used to go to high school with. we sat around, talking about who we'd seen recently, and what people had been up to. i had my year 12 photo there and we were peering at it, pointing out people. karlie pointed at mark and said 'aww, mark, he was nice, wasnt he?' and we all agreed. so that night i rang him. it had bee almost 2 years since we'd last spoke, and in that time he's gotten married and had a little boy, sam, who's now 14 months old. wow.

    picture key:

  • me: pink circle

  • sharyn: yellow circle

  • mark: blue circle

  • chris: green circle

  • jodie: oh woops, i put a yellow circle around jodie too. well, sharyn's the one near me.

i know the photo is really small, but maybe someone computer savvy can make it so you can click on the pic and it'll open into a window of it's own and be bigger??? maybe.

(Your wish is my command! - Savvy)

the production is going pretty well. with just over 2 weeks to go, it should be going better though. i know all my lines, at least. im sure it'll come together anyway, it always does. i'll scan a copy of the flyer later on.

anyway, thats the catch up...hope you're all well

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