Wednesday, September 08, 2004

updated so the 'this' link actually works

some people should just shut up

i know it sounds weird coming from me, since i am absolutely stellar at complaining, but i wish some people would shut up and stop complaining about stupid things. complain about the state of our education systems, or health care or whatever, and do something about it, but complaints about lolly wrappers?

i found this via a quiet lads site. cant you people just let a candy wrapper be a candy wrapper? im sure there were people who didnt even look at the wrapper, they just enjoyed the fruity goodness, but i bet there was a whole group of people who loved the fact that those lollies looked like they were enjoying themselves on there.
catholics, shut up, go and have unprotected sex, stop complaining about lollies. its ok about the sex thing, cos you just have to go see your priest afterwards, say a couple of rhymes and you'll be right to get into heaven again.

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