Thursday, September 02, 2004

i've complained about aapt again in another email. im not calling them cos i really dont have the time to sit around listening to their bad BAD muzak. i think its quite possibly the worst muzak i've ever listened to.

you know how we have call waiting? i didnt know this before but there is different hold music for the different parts of adelaide that you call. its not better or worse, just different. the one thing that is better with the other call waiting is the editing. the music is on a loop, and our call waiting music cuts out at a stupid time that has nothing to do with teh beat or tempo of the song, and you can hear the sound of the stop button being pressed. stupid tacky no money council.
i'm gonna complain some more about the council. i realise that this is of no interest whatsoever to anyone else, i just need to purge myself of the grring thats going on inside my head.
the garbos broke the axle of my bin. and then they came round and fixed it, except now the wheel falls off. stupid garbos.

hmmmm, what else...i bought a pair of shoes tonight for $4. i'll take a photo of them, hang on

there. like? i do. and for $4 you cant really go wrong.

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