Monday, September 13, 2004

after the weekend

friday night we went to the show. it was raining, of course. just to prove to you how perfect my idea of starting the show this week is, here is a photo of what it looks like out my back window right now

there you have it. Irrefutable proof that my idea rules.

ok, show. it was raining. it wasnt that cold though, luckily and it didn't pelt down with rain so it was ok to walk around. it just sort of sprinkled all night except for the part when e was having a ride on these trucks. he was driving around, cacking himself, screaming 'im dwivin the trucks!', while personwhosnameimustnevermention, x and i huddled under an umbrella.
after that, and a lot of pleading from x and personwhosnameimustnevermention, the two aforementioned boys went for a ride on the ghost train.
x went in with a huge smile on his face and came out cowering into personwhosnameimustnevermentions armpit.
quote of the night, 'mum, the man said 'i'll be having meat for dinner tonight!', and i think he meant me'
x has not slept in his own bed for more than two minutes since friday night.

in one hall we found a stall of buddies and incense and all things lovely like that. personwhosnameimustnevermention was pretty keen on this buddha who was sitting pretty tall. she was lovely. she was also $90 so we passed. we did pick up this lovely girl though

when we chose her the lady said that we had made a magical decision in picking her. their store had been partially burned down in a fire earlier this year. apparently these buddhas sat there, daring the fire to come closer and came through unscathed, so we were doubly blessed with extra energy for taking her home.

saturday morning we went for a drive to pick up our new pets. in the photo of the backyard, you can see and aviary in the background. in there are 3 budgies and 2 quails. we're gonna have to get another girl budgie cos she's getting hit on by both the guys.
x chose a green budgie with a stripey head. his name is sunbird. e chose a pretty purply blue girl who he named meewee. we also got a bright aqua boy who x has named hairy. the two quails, a male and a female, are named furry and owie. not sure which is which, that decision hasnt been made yet. we're getting the green female later in the week. we may name her ourselves or we'll end up with some other bizarre name.

it hailed on saturday morning, the last day of the show. chalk that up as more evidence that my idea rules.

saturday afternoon we drove all the way out to salisbury to watch marc play in his football grand final.
for those of you that dont know, the drive from christies beach to salisbury is shit arse long. shit arse, yes, perfect measuring lingo. basically, christies is south, and salisbury is north. its a long way and salisbury is an ugly place full of barrys and drug addicts with no jobs. please see this as the blatant disrepresentation that it is. thankyou. we stopped for fish and chips first though, and they do make some really nice chips, and you get lemon with your fish without having to ask or pay extra. kudos fish and chip shop man!
the salisbury football team havent lost a game all season. that is an impressive write up. not as impressive as kicking a winning goal in the dying seconds of the grand final, and winning against the team who havent lost a game all season. the CBOC boys did a very good job,what i saw of it anyway. most of the time i was behind a lot of loud tall men who were all drinking beer. when the game was won i was actually on the playground with x and e, but im told it was spectacular.
quote of the day, called over a megaphone by a CBOC fan to a salisbury player who was kicking for goal 'number 11, can you hear me number 11? you are average'
now, believe me, i do not like football. i only went to support marc, who i didnt see all day, btw. but i did get to catch up with lyndell, eat fish and chips, and...well thats about all. but it was an ok day anyway.

i had rehearsal on sunday. it was pretty crap, but it was good to run the whole play, even if it did take us the whole 4 hours to do it. must learn my lines...

sunday night i came home and watched chanel be her sexy self on australian idol. my top three faves are chanel, courtney and casey. i have to say though, that rikki lee was probably the best last night. then watched detective goran catch a murderer on criminal intent. mmm, detective goran.

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