Wednesday, September 15, 2004

im such a stealer!

Ok, I'm stealing this from my friend Andrew, who stole it from our friend Emma, who is just crazy enough to have come up with it.

Instructions: On your current playlist, hit shuffle and pick the first ten songs on the list (no matter how cheesy or embarrassing), and write down your favourite line of the song. Try to avoid putting the song title in the line. Then, have your friends comment and see if they know the songs.
That means you, punks!


1.She said, "I've got to be honest,
You're wasting your time if you're fishin' around here."
And I said, "You must be mistaken,
I'm not foolin', this feelin' is real."
She said, "You've gotta be crazy!
What do you take me for? Some kinda of easy mark?"

2. start ordering food for one, no one else to enjoy the sun with

3. Smiles awake you when you rise

4. picture macbeth hitchiking with a dagger in one hand and his arse in the other.

5. we dont have problems, that we cant work out, wee wee weeeeee

6. Beyond the suns that guard this roof,
Beyond your flowers of flaming truths,
Beyond your latest ad campaigns,
An old man sits collecting stamps
In a room all filled with chinese lamps.

7. always undercover and never far away

8. They don't sell the product to you they sell you to the product
They don't give a fuck about you they just want their daily dosh
I wish you could see through this I wish you could believe
That you can really do this I know you can

9. I see love and beauty all around, I also see the sadness that's embedded in your frown
I wonder why you choose not to talk to those around, I sense a fear of lifting heavy feet
higher than you want to, I just want to believe your truth...

10. Looking on she sings the songs
The words she knows, the tune she hums

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