Wednesday, September 29, 2004

putting a smile on my face x2

not that i needed cheering up today, as it is a sunshiney day and quite lovely, but there were two things that happened today that made me smile. the first being a message i recieved from mogenic

Dear carly w,

You are now crowned as a dirty little princess and the cutest member of Mogenic.

and secondly, kylie told me that last night theo said i was a sex goddess.

yeah! go me!

i think i will end this entry with a quote from jen who left a message on my tag board

I personally wish to advise all readers of my website that it is my own personal belief that Shannon Noll cannot sing. And I've had my ears tested recently, it is something you have to do in call centres. So if you think he can sing, I seriously advise you to seek medical assistance ASAP. Oh, and I really wanna rip that stupid thing off his chin. Go on, click on the link, and take a look at the thing on his chin, and TELL ME that you don't feel the urge to rip/wax/shave that off. I was stuck in a shop the other day, with a friend who was buying a cd, and they were playing his What About Me song. Not only did I feel the urge to purge, I really noticed that even on the CD, he can't sing.

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