Monday, September 06, 2004

i dont know about art...

i have a new favourite painter thanks to dean's world. he really does paint girls exquisitely. i particularly like the paintings of the little girls who've been caught stealing here, and here, but so many of them are beautiful.

john william waterhouse has always been a favourite of mine. i think ive gotten his calendar for at least the last 5 years. might try and find a bouguereau calendar next year.

fathers day was pretty ok this year. i messaged aaron the night before :

if you're gonna msg dad tomorrow, add my name to it. i dont wanna waste my credit on that moron cos...he smells and eats poo, huzzah!

yes, that is the level of my humour and care factor. personwhosnameimustnevermention wasnt real happy with me for not messaging him, but feh. whatever. again with the care factor.

the morning started off like any other. children piled into bed and laying exactly where it would be the most comfortable for me to sleep. x made personwhosnameimustnevermention a keyring and a card

and i helped e to choose a luckmsiths album for daddy. we also got him the poolroom addition of the castle on dvd. this comes in a green felt covered box surrounded by a cut out of a pool table, and includes the pedigree of all their greyhounds, the words to 'we're going to bonnydoon', and a selection of bargains from the tradingpost: original asking price and actual price paid.
we went to the beach and collected some cuttlefish for our new lovebirds which should be coming this weekend. personwhosnameimustnevermention finished off the avairy yesterday so everything's all ready for them.

marc, personwhosnameimustnevermention and i attempted some more recording for humble bee, but we were a bit sucky. ok, i was a bit sucky, but it didnt help that the computer kept losing my vocals. we did get the glockenspiel down tho. yes! glockenspiel! i now have a glockenspiel! whats with the exclamation marks! who knows

thats about all the news i can think of right now, see you later when your legs are straighter...or words to that effect

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