Friday, January 28, 2005

oi, drama queen

i would like to know whats going on in your blog right now but i cant. do you know why? because in the time it takes me to read all the other blogs on my adelaide links list, yours is still loading up. then i read all the other blogs and yours is still loading up. i am impatient, so therefore i click that lil X up in the corner and wave buhbye

i dont know how to say thinking of unlinking you. i know this is not exactly unlinkworthy. you didnt...i dont know...confess to loving my husband and then when i said, um, hey thats a bit crap, get all snarky and unfriendlike at me and then unlink me, so i unlinked you for being "in love" with my husband and unlinking me.* your site just takes too long to load and it shits me

and we all know, that its all about me

*i know that only a couple of people wil get this, but it was honestly the first thing that came to mind when i was thinking about unlinking

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