Monday, January 17, 2005

heh heheh haahahahahahhbwaaahhahahahah!!!!!

Anyway. So there’s that boundary. And I’m totally crossing it with this one even though Society tells me that it is wrong to say anything about black people or people who are not white. If you are talking about white people, by all means, please go on, but do not talk about The Others. They can hear you.

Anyway. So you know how women make milk? Out of their boobies? Well, I always thought that it would be cool if black women could make chocolate milk. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that” because I like chocolate milk. And black people too. You know, I knew a black person once. So I’m totally not racist. And if that were true, think that the starving babies in Africa wouldn’t starve anymore because chocolate milk is like, totally fattening!

Anyway. Black people make chocolate milk. They would also make other bodily fluids in the brown color as well.

So today I went to the dentist and it took TWO HOURS to get my teeth cleaned. I was annoyed. But that’s not the important part of the story. When the dentist cleaned my teeth, she used chocolate mint. And then she made me use fluoride that had a horrible salty taste to it.

Now, I’m going to tell you something and you may or may not believe me. I have never tasted “baby batter.” But, that being said, I hear it tastes salty. So, I have a chocolate salty taste in my mouth(and it didn’t taste like popcorn and MnMs either) and all I could think was “So this is what it would be like to give head to a black man.”

heehee, she's a new favourite

oh no! i closed the window where i got that from...grr, hang on. ok, found it!


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