Thursday, January 13, 2005

and then the police came

im working today. i'd just gotten back from lunch where i had two very yummy plums to eat. i've settled myself down in the childrens library, checking in books, putting books away, helping a little girl find books about 'making..just...showing me making'. and im scanning them and handing them back to the mum when i see the police run through the court yard. i quickly wonder whats wrong and then turn back to the patrons and finish serving them

they walk over to the table and put their books in their bags when the police burst in reaching for their guns, 'where's the situation?'

theres no situation

'the alarm is going off in children's, what's the situation?'

wha... um...hang on

'its ok carly, you can go upstairs'

turns out it was a flat battery, but it was exciting for a little while

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