Thursday, January 06, 2005


i am havung the most bizzarre dreams. last night im dreaming that i'm at high school again. im guessing its about year 10 because of all the people who were hanging around. these werent friends as such, just people who were in my classes at that time.
we're running around, trying to get to class on time. karlie gets sooky and starts crying because she's always late for a particular class, so mark thyer turns up and says that if we just looked at life from a different perspective, things would be ok, and leads us around the building rather than through it. although this seems to me to be taking a much longer time, we get there happily and we're able to look at all the gum trees along the way.
then we're downstairs. there's some sort of apple war going on where all the boys are ditching apples at each other. they're hiding behind us girls because they think the other guys wont throw it if we're around. they are wrong. i hide behind a lemon tree.
then im in a hall way, doing a dance that has a lot of walking forward, walking back, turning forward, turning back. i look down and paulini from australian idol is looking up my skirt. then im walking off stage with a whole group of people, hearing a massive crowd roaring for us and talking about how good its going to be tomorrow night.
then im in my back yard, discussing what colour jeans look the best on guys. i say blue. guy sebastion says black. then scott healey grabs my hand and pulls me into my laundry and kisses me and i look over my shoulder and see vicki and say 'dont worry'

what the?

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