Tuesday, January 04, 2005

impromptu blog-up

chords for a cause

alright yous guys, if i dont see each and every one of you at the enigma bar at 8:30 on friday night i will be mightily pissed.
first of all, leighstardust is playing. now we all know what a spunky little sprite that girl is, so come along and check her out.
next is simple people. now, i've not heard much of them. apparently the first few chords of one of their songs sound like the first few chords of a pete murray song. if you're into that kind of thing, turn up. if you're not, then turn up anyway because the velveteen habit are on next with promises of windmills and behind the head guitar playing.
then there's brillig. they're a scary lookin bunch of freaks but thats never stopped me liking people before. and hey, they covered david bowies 'fashion' with the beautiful leighstardust so we musnt be too harsh on them. they all dress in black so you'll have to keep your eyes open for them, enigma is a dark place.
then theres a raffle being drawn. 2 tickets to kangaroo island with accomodation paid for? yes please! but only if you come to the gig, so get your skates on.
and to finish off the night there's russian teammate. i dont know anything at all about this band, so i'll just say they're ace.

but the most important thing about friday nights gig is that all ticket proceeds are going straight to the childhood cancer foundation, and i request, nay, demand, that if you are in adelaide at the time of that gig, you are at the enigma bar with your $10 at the ready.
and i'm gonna be there and surely you wanna meet me, right?? right???
come on, boost my ego a little, you know you wanna at least tickle it

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