Sunday, January 09, 2005

recharging my love

i have renewed my love for loud music and it was all due to fridays chords for a cause gig at the enigma bar.
i'll just say this first. velveteen habit played so loud that at one stage i could not hear anything. there was just the feel of sound around my ears


leighstardust kicked off the night and it was so fucking cute. she rules. oh, let me tell you about the stupid bitchy girl. im not going to say where she is from because we may get into trouble but she is a stupid bitchy girl.
i was standing out the back of enigma, waiting to load all the gear in. she walks past, looks me up and down and makes this 'i am so completely better than you' face at me. now, i just have to remind you that all i was doing was standing next to the van with matt and marc. that is all. i didnt make a face at her, i was just looking around,seeing who was here, thats all. stupid girl.
anyway, leighstardust has inspired me to try and write some more upbeat songs instead of the plodding along songs we normally write. ive got a couple of ideas. while matt and jase are rendering my house today i might do a spot of song writing.

next came the simple people. i had to walk away because i was about to burst out laughing and couldnt stop myself. i wanted to enjoy it. i wanted to watch it so i could tell ross my thoughts afterwards. but all i could thinki of was pugwall and the orange organics and i have a feeling that wasnt quite what they had in mind. heehee, pugwall. i love that show.

then came the velveteen habit. i reckon this was close to being the best show they have ever played. loud, rockin, good sound, happy band members, all adds up to a fucking excellent gig. absofuckenlutely brilliant. marc rocked out completely. playing a guitar solo while playing the tambourine AND THEN jumping up onto the speaker box and playing to an adoring crowed surrounding him with their hands in the air. the velveteen habit fucking rock. im going to say that again

the velveteen habit fucking rock

then came brillig and my my, didnt sharyn turn 17 again. she was in her gothic period element. im not so into brillig. the girl is cute tho. she had cute glittery eyelashes and glittery hair and a cute skirt AND she played the violin.
the best part of their set was when leigh got up and they did their cover of fashion. but judging by the gothic crowd that stood there transfixed, brillig played a good show.

its a shame that people left during brillig, cos russian teammate played last and they were fucking good too. oh, and ive got a new love. brendan from russian teammate. must have a thing for bass players, i think.
they were really realy good. marc bought the album and matt and i got a badge each. i sneakily took the album home and i've been playing it quite a bit since then.

oh, bitchy girl. throughout the night she did that exact look at me 4 times. 4 times!! and each time i was doing nothing bitchy or lookworthy at all. and you know i would tell you if i did.
so im talking to sharyn and for some reason it was required of me to do a little dance move with included bending my arms at the elbow and moving them back and forth like i was running or something. and who should walk past me and right into my moving elbow but bitchy girl herself. and i wasnt even aiming. i had no idea whe was coming, i just moved my arm and whack, straight into her bitchy self. she of course turned around and gave me the look again and when she turned around i punched my fists in the air and exclaimed 'yeah!'

it was a good night

and about $3000 was raised for kids with cancer. well fucking done, adelaide.

have you noticed my love for the f word today? i dunno whats done it i'll stop now

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