Saturday, January 01, 2005

ladyhawke vs the OC

a couple of nights ago, marc and i were watching tv. he was on one lounge watching the OC, i was on the other lounge continuously saying 'change the channel change the channel change the channel' etc.

in the ads, he flicked channels and ladyhawke was on channel 7. ladyhawke. LADYHAWKE was on channel 7, and i was watching the oc. ladyhawke is one of those movies i MUST watch whenever it is on tv. along with the power of one, the breakfast club and many others i seem to have conveniently forgotten at this moment.

some loser on the OC explains to us, the viewing public, that the way you spend new years eve is the way you spend the rest of the year. (and then he got locked in the poolhouse with that grumpy boy from the wrong side of the tracks, oh ho ho).
so i thought about that. looked at myself sprawled on the lounge with a cup of tea, telling someone to change the channel because their choice of television show is crap, and i thought, hey, the oc may actually be right.

last night matt and i put the kids to bed about 9:30 and settled down in the lounge to watch the you am i dvd we bought months and months ago but couldnt watch because of the ants that moved into our dvd zapper. you're still with me? good.
so it was hilarious as we watched all the filmclips with the audio commentary on and those boys are funny guys. after a while my eyes were getting heavy and i somehow managed to turn my head and say 'can you feed the dog? im going to bed'

as i snuggled down and stared at the pages of my book i decided to check what the time was. 11:55. LOSER.

but the OC was right. i will be spending my year in bed early with a book

ps. ladyhawke won out in the end. YEAH!

pps. im trying to keep this blog as light hearted as i can. there are so many unbleievable, un speakable horrors in this world, both natural and man made, that i cannot put words to. we're not letting the boys watch the news lately. we just turn it off. i cant let them see what kind of world we have brough them into. i dont want to have to explain why there are people floating face down in the ocean, and why there are people screaming and crying in the streets. i dont want to shelter them and wrap them in cotton wool, i just want them to be 3 and 5 years old, and the only thing they have to worry about is riding their bikes and running with their dog. some kids are really sensitive and emotional, they take things to heart, they think on things insesantly. these are my children. as beautiful as this child may be, it would have broken my heart to witness this

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