Saturday, January 29, 2005

harbour town! harbour town!

you need to sing the above title like you were singing the spiderman song

harbour town, harbour town
friendly neighbourhood harbour town

it was pretty ok actually. there werent as many wankers as i thought, and there were only a couple of bitchy sales girls.
there was a table that said '2 for $15' and i grabbed two tops, one that said $5 and one that said $10. 5+10=15. then i found a skirt that said $10. thried them all on, looking pretty good, go to the counter and she scans them all and says '$35' and i say, 'they were from the 2 for $15 table' and she grabs the 2 tops and says, 'yeah, $5 and $10, makes $15' and gives me this look like im stupid, and i say '...yes...' show her the $10 price tag on the skirt and say '$10 plus $10 plus $5 equals $25'.
'well, that skirt is actually on the $20 table'
and thats when sharyn butts in and says, 'oh, so somebody priced it wrong AND put it on the wrong table?' and she gives me that look again except now its tinged with hatred and charges me $25
then its sharyns turn. she has tops from the 2 for $15 table as well, except one of them has a broken seam and she asks to get it a little cheaper. firstly, i need to point out that she has 4 tops all up adding up to a grand total of $30
bitchy salesgirl says, 'i cant give you a discount on the top if you get it in the 2 for $15 special. i can give you 10% off the price of the top on its own though' so she can charge sharyn $15 for the first two, then the original, before special price of $10 for the 3rd top, then the discounted because its faulty price of $9 for the 4th top, adding up to $34.

sharyn stands there giving her the same look as me. the look that says, 'you realise you're charging me more money for faulty garments?!?!?!' instead she says, 'i asked to pay less, not more' and the salesgirl charges her $30 and we leave, IN DISGUST

in the next shop we go into the same thing happens. sharyn and i get two tops off of a 2 for $10 rack and the girl says '$19.90 thanks' and i remind the poor lass that the price is actually $10 and she says 'ok' in that bitchy way that her and the girl from the other store, who is obviously her friend, speak, and holds out her hand for the money while rolling her eyes.


so that was the crap part, on to the cool parts

there was one really cool sales girl called jasmine who worked for ralph lauren, (yes we shopped there) who when she saw us looking at the jeans, said 'oh, dont touch those, they're too expensive. i'll just get the ones you want out of the window for you, they'll fit you and you'll look great' to karlie, and she's a fucking size 8-10 and got a pair of ralph lauren polo jeans for $15.95.


i didnt get as good a bargain as that but i did manage to get two skirts and three tops for $35. and i got a skirt that was $35.95, had a sale price of $20, then $10 and i ended up getting it for $5. woohoo, go me

a selection of patterns from the clothes i bought today

in other news, last weekend matt attempted to eat an icecream that was bigger than his head. he lost. we took a picture of it with his phone and emailed it to my account but its not here so i cant show you the thing that was the lime, pineapple and choc orange experience. suffice it to say, it was disgusting and he will never do it again. and last night i managed to drop my mobile phone into a glass of coke. it works still, didnt last night but it was fine in the morning. the buttons are quieter now too

anyone who would like to bring me double choc mint clusters from charlesworth nuts is a really nice person

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