Tuesday, November 18, 2008


considering how shit i've been feeling lately, i've had a considerable amount of luck.

i won an ipod shuffle, helping out with jennys film, and that night i met a nice french boy who gave me a parasol and didnt break my heart. and this weekend just gone, i managed to get up and out of my house by 8am on a saturday morning, spend hours in the sun without getting burned, and have a nice afternoon. then later that night, i won a cure album, a ticket to the laneway festival, and managed to stay out all night and actually have a fun time.

but all it seems to be doing is make me wonder when its all going to come crashing down again. what is the big thing that is going to happen, to make everything miserable again? there are a few options that i can think of already, the usual suspects, you know, but there's a niggling feeling that it might even be bigger this time.

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