Sunday, November 02, 2008

last night i missed out on seeing you am i for the first time in a really long time. i did want to go, but the prospect of going alone, and seeing people there, wasnt one i was prepared to face right now. i've done it before. a year ago exactly, actually. sitting out the back of the jade with clementine and melissa, whilst inside were an ex boyfriend and his girlfriend, someone i'd slept with and his girlfriend, and someone who i was seeing while he had a girlfriend, and his girlfriend.

so this time instead of seeing all that again i decided to dress up like a tea lady and go to dylans halloween party.

miffy, henry and i had helped out as extras in jennys film "justice squad'. i was a tea lady a cup of tea solves anything, miffy was super librarian knowledge is power, and henry was street smart fighting crime from the gutter up. super me won an ipod for having the best costume. go me.

instead of going to see you am i, i stayed home and slept until we had to go to dylans. i was a tea lady again, miffy was the white mouse, and luke was a lumberjack. we met ben, maddy, henry, joel, brendan and dom, (amish man, amish lady, dr who, pirate, jack skellington and superman). seems i also met a french boy who's here for 6 months. i have his phone number. i wont be using it.

on friday i had a doctors appointment. best doctor ever. anyway, i've been told to eat bacon, poached eggs and grilled tomato for breakfast. ive eaten that friday, saturday and today, and it has made me feel full for longer. i also made it from thursday night to now without bread.

now im watching pugwall. and i have a headache

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