Monday, July 15, 2002

oh yeah! that's what i was going to say. speaking of tv, monday nights are the best nights for tv.
starting at 4:30, with the ridiculous bold and the beautiful
then on to my best friend is an alien. ok, so it's a kids show. but the actors are really good and it genuinley makes me laugh. especially larabee.
at 5:30 comes happy days. a nice, family friendly, good ol' half hour to spend with the kids and a tv dinner....or something.
6:00 is a repeat of the simpsons...heehee.
6:30 i like to flick between two 'current affairs' programs. too funny. nothing like local people trying to make the difference between buying a yellow dishcloth and a green dishcloth the most important decision you'll make on your shopping expedition
7:00 a repeat of everybody loves raymond
7:30 new simpsons
8:00 new everybody loves raymond

now comes the hard part, on channel ten at 8:30 we have the secret life of us. mmmmm, deborah mailman. secret life is one show that i WILL be on one day and one which, of course, doesn't have a very good australian site to go with it, so here's the english one. i was really happy when this show started because it reminded me of one of my all time favourite aussie is a four letter word. i miss gus and albie :( but on SBS, john saffran's musical jamboree is on. can't explain this'll have to see it

same with life support. i love this programs eat your heart out

ok, so now its 9:30, and it gets easier kinda. sex and the city is on, but so is the osbournes, and i'd rather watch kelly osbourne than what's her name who i've forgotten right at this know, matthew brodericks wife....who LOVES that movie he was in with michelle pfieffer about that hawk? me! i do!!!

okey dokey, 10:00 adults only simpsons....this week it's the one where everyone is having sex everywhere....heehee

10:30 buffy......buffybuffybuffybuffy

this part sucks though. see, buffy goes for an hour, but six feet under starts at 10:45, so i have to get my brother to tape it for me and then keep the tapes until we get our video fixed, then i can catch up on whats going on at Fisher & Sons

then i go to bed

yep, just call me the links monkey

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