Thursday, July 04, 2002

well, the little shop of horrors people called me at last. apparently they were very impressed with me, i have excellent range and i move freely and naturally, but there is no place for me in the cast. they had to turn people away from auditions so i guess im lucky i even got that far.
at least i tried though, i guess
the other people havent called me but i never really thought they would.

you am i are playing tonight and tomorrow night and we arent going.
i hate money
i hate not having any money

all i want is to have enough to say, $40 for two tickets to you am i? sure we can afford that. i dont want to be 'independantly wealthy...socially secure, wahoo!' or anything like that, it'd just be nice having enough to live happily.

live happliy

i was saying to m last night that us having affairs might actually work. theres this ad on tv at the moment for diet coke. its a couple and a man sitting at two tables, the bf is reading the paper and the other two both get diet cokes, then they look at each other and smile and flirt and all that. and i said to m that they probably wouldnt have anything to talk to each other about. and he's like, no they wouldnt, but they'd have fucking good sex. and im thinking, thats why affairs would be a good thing. we could stay together, spend time with each other like we do, have fun as friends, talk, renovate, that sort of thing, and just go out for sex. i mean, i know it only works in theory, but it's always an idea.

note to the people who read KNOW not to take that seriously, dont you :)

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