Tuesday, July 02, 2002

well, it's official. the country is going to shit. peter won big brother. i knew he would from the moment i found out he was a 'good old aussie bloke with a big heart, good on ya digger'. but i was hoping marty would win since he's all that and a packet of potato chips. *giggles* what i meant to say was he's all that and funny and tricksy and cute as well. plus, if he won he'd be able to afford to move to sydney to be with jess since he said he wanted to marry her the other night. oh well, only a few months till the next big brother. i'm predicting a quiet, aussie guy with a big heart is gonna win.

oh, all that and a packet of potato chips....i'm endevouring to use stupid sayings more. i'm sure i'll stop soon, but for now, it's making me laugh whenever i say them so i'm gonna keep going.

there was an actual reason why i started writing in here today.....can't remember now.

i had a really good/bad saying too, and i can't remember that either. stupid brain. bah.

i'm hoping that mr s had a good day yesterday, the kebab shop being closed on a monday does suck. i think that ther hamburger shops are closed around here on mondays too actually. but chinese take away is a good alternative. i'd prefer that anyway. yummo. nothing spicy though, just something yummy.

well, seems i'm rambling along sufficiently today.

Mr M took apart my laundry last night. sure, i have no cupboards anymore, but i've got a nice big room. we're renovating again, maybe to sell the house, dunno yet. depends if we find somewhere cool to live.

alrighty, i'm disappearing to be the mummy.....

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