Tuesday, July 16, 2002

*frowning frowning frowning*
ok, in no particular order...the hugging people i was talking about were M's brother and H. i was talking about it because of the mail i got from S that said how i can hug H as soon as she walks in the room.
she was also the person i have a crush on.
i don't expect anything when i hug someone, its just that when i do hug someone, mainly M, i get hugged for a few seconds and then groped. so, sorry if that's what sticks in my head everytime but it's matt you should be capitilzing things to about that, not me, cos it's him that put it in my head. i'm not totally staying away from the blame for that one, it's my fault too...( the whole, if i did things with him more often, he wouldnt think that every sign of affection is a sign that i want sex), but i'm not taking all of it.

'Stop thinking everyone thinks like you and the world will be easier. '

you don't say. i dont think that everyone thinks like me. i know i see things differently to other people. doesn't mean that of all the ways things are seen, that one of them is right.

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