Monday, July 15, 2002

we watched two hands last night. can i just say that if you ever feel like watching a movie that has the right mix of everything; action, humour, love, music,'s like....i can't even begin to tell you. i love this movie. and rose byrne...mmmmmm

look at some stuff about two hands here

and then, to top off a good night of tv, muriels wedding was on after that. that movie still makes me laugh and i've seen it...gee, i dunno, probably six or seven times. it's got toni collette, racheal griffiths, matt day, sophie lee, bill many aussie actors, it's hillarious. this film, and two hands, both show people what australia is like, but at the smae time, what it isn't like AT ALL. it's funny, it's like when i first started chatting in irc, when i said i was from australia, they're like, 'oh wow, do you know the crocodile hunter?' well, sure...he's my best mate, cobber!
particular people in these films, they're like the classic aussie. it's too hard to really have to see it for yourself

see stuff about muriel's wedding here

hmm, seems i'm having trouble finding a good site for muriel's wedding...have a look at this one, but maybe trust your probably better search engines than mine and look it up for yourself

there was something else i was going to say....oh yeah, i'm going back through all of my archives and putting comments boxes on them. so, if the mood takes you, write something, i'll write back, i promise :)

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