Sunday, July 21, 2002

message for H

again, i feel the need for some clarification

'Nice to know she can let lose and have fun when she's blatanly hurting everyone else, ruining everyone else's good time.' = bought the tickets way before everything happened. no one else knows the complete story about anything, just like no one else really knows on your side of the world, so its not like i can talk about it in detail with anyone, although, what i could say i said as soon as sharyn and i got talking

'Cuddled with some strange man, wonder if that means she fucked him' = sat on the lounge with my head on jak's shoulder and talked for about five minutes while sharyn got a texta tatoo

'M said he didn't expect her home until 7am, though she got home at 5. Think that means he suspects she's a raging whore?' = supermild doesn't close until 6am, and time flies in there. it's a fun place to be

'This especially struck me: "i had a good view of jak, who kept smilimg at me all night. so i thought i'd take advantage of that, and afterwards we went up to him.. " Uh huh, going after more men with malice, not thinking about what it would do to anyone else if they really knew the truth, especially Matt. I"m SO sure your intention was to just "talk." You don't go up to people who you've been eye flirting with all night just to talk. And of course this "friend" of yours is still supporting you in this, even if she's mad at you for doing what you did to Matt, because she's just as bad and hates her boyfriend, too.So what the heck, let's go for an orgy with the band, we don't have anything we really need to be caring about, right? And if we really DO get into something, we can jsut blame it on depression and bad relationships that we do nothing to fix because we really don't want to admit it's us that is fucking them up, rock! And of course all you do IS take advantage. Nice to see you actually recognize it. At least you're admitting you're a bitch, even if it is very close to being a freudian slip there.' = so if you were there with us you wouldnt be excited and come along? you dont know sharyn, so don't judge her, you have no right

'Unlike me, you are perfectly physically capable of maintaining a job, you're just lazy -- you even admit to not cleaning the house.' my house is clean. and the chronic fatigue thing that my doctor diagnoses then takes away because after a few minutes of talking about it, he says he doesnt believe in it...that doesnt count? i dont go out to work because i stay home and work by looking after my children

'You don't love your children, you see them as mistakes that screwed up your life even though it was you who was too much of an idiot to take your birth control pills correctly,' = you have the right to comment about things you know about, things you think you know, and things you believe in. what you dont have the right to do is insult my love for my children. i cant believe i have to battle against you about this. i took all my pills, both times i got pregnant.

'it's going to have to end -- either between she and him, or he and I' = it wont come to this, if it does, it will end between he and i because we all know that that is the right thing to happen

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