Sunday, July 21, 2002


he stares and she stares back and they laugh and they keep walking. she forgets about the boy, except for his deep dark eyes, she forgets about the staring, except for conjuring stories or long distance love, he is all forgotten in a week.

see the man, his face is new, it doesn't freeze her feet to the floor or buckle her knees, her legs turning to crepe paper, her heart ramming against her ribs, her stomach in her throat until she sees it isn't him. he's just a man.

quiet confidence walking eyes downcast she isn't hiding she's just thinking all alone but surrounded by friends happy and healthy no secrets.


things that float and shimmer make me safe make me feel like i belong where i know im lost i float i shrink i shine i sparkle i become invisible its warm its safe its cosy warm its dark i can see i see it all so clearly now


he runs his hands up over her soft, thick set thighs, his fingers find dimples and patches of rough skin. lifts his head and feasts his eyes on the rolls of her plump belly, her ragged, deep breathing filling her torso and making her appear even larger than she is. lowers his head again, brushing his unshaven face against the curls of her pubic hair, not shaved or waxed, the smell is musty after a long day of work. breasts fall against her body, sagging without her bra, her hair is unwashed and hangs loosely around her face. pulls him up to kiss her. unbrushed teeth knock together. holds him tight, her bitten nails trying to dig into his back. kneels above her and his stomach sags a little. pushes his cock into her slowly and they move together like they always have. slow faster she moans he sighs faster pushes hard against her she moans he sighs he falls heavily on her. kiss on the cheek. reminder to pay the gas bill. see you in the morning.

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