Friday, July 19, 2002

well, i've finally done it. after years of trying, hearing all about it from other people and just wishing it was me, it finally is. and ok, it may only be once, but today it's me. yes, my friends, i have risen to the position of 'the one who gets the barnacle bills for lunch' i know i know!! calm down. it was a shock for me as well. and i've been told that you really dont get to have that much because he likes to take the leftovers home for tea, but its not the point. i may well get a prawn today. can you feel my excitement?? of course this means that i have to clean my house so we can eat, but thats ok. i can see that the payback will be worth it. i even bought some yummy apple scroll cakes for desert, AND they were marked down cos it was the end of the day. helloooo bargain shopper. (hello :) teehee )

on a sadder note, i have sunken to the lows of suburban motherhood. because of my impending yoga class next week, i have been forced to go out and buy a pair of stretchy pants. i know...its scary. soon i'l be wearing huge jumpers that go down to my knees, bleaching my hair till its blonde and scratchy with black roots, and yelling at my kids while im digging around under the seat of my ford escort for money so i can buy a packet of winnie blues. ok, so i dont think it'll go that far. but im kinda worried cos i put them on this morning without a reason. i have a perfectly good pair of pyjamas sitting there as well as matts warm trackie pants ( yeah, i know they're pretty daggy too, but they're comfy). at these stretchy pants arent faded black with baggy knees like the mums from hackham west would wear. they're bright red with a white stripe down the leg, and they flare out at the bottom. maybe they could even be considered funky? i know i'm clutching at straws, i know.....we'll just have to see how this unfolds...

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