Thursday, July 11, 2002

So, which Fraggle ARE YOU most like? Click here to find out.

i wonder sometimes whether i should bother doing these quizzes. you know, since H and i are the same people, and i copy all the quizzes she does....i mean, we do....too confusing. anyway, since i always get the same answers she does, its not really much point in me doing them. but then again, im posting the results for you. yes you. YOU my devoted public, my devoted readers. YOU who tune in, or log in as the case actually is, each day to read whats going on on the mundaneness that is my life.
apparently, as i learned from mary today, the reson im depressed may have to do with the fact that i am attention seeking. mum said that i've always been like that, except that when i was little i'd seek attention by putting on songs and dances for everyone. i dont know how right this is. when i get really down i just want to be alone. i dont want the attention. i dont want people hovering about me asking continuously if im ok and if theres something they can do. its not that i dont appreciate their concern, i really do, i just think that this is something that i need to get through myself. it would be helpful if someone came over and did my housework. of course it would. but i have to learn to do it myself. the thing is that im just not a house work person. not at all. as much as i jate sitting here and staring at these piles of clothes and toys, its not often that i get pissed off enough to do something about it.
i got an email earlier from S. he said that they'd cleaned the apartment for their visitor who is arriving on thursday. im really proud of H especially for doing all of that. gold stars and cuddles for you, sexy miss :)

YEAH!! i just did another quiz, which austin powers character are you, and im scott evil, wahoo. of course, i'd rather be doing scott evil than being him, but you can't always get what you want.

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