Tuesday, July 16, 2002

warren shot buffy AND tara. warren! warren who is so pathetic he had to make a robot version of his girlfirend so that she'd love him. warren, who lives in his mates basement with his two geek friends, as they make plans to take over the world and worry about their action figure collection at the same time. 'don't touch that! it's an original vintage 1979 boba fett action figure!'
i hate warren. i hate him for shooting buffy. i hate him for shooting tara more just when she and willow were getting back together. and i hate him for leaving andrew and jonathan to take the wrap for everything. especially andrew 'how could he do this to me...us' cos he loves him so much. andrew has always been my favourite out of the three geeks. warren is just nasty and jonathan is too whiny. andrew is cute. anyway...warren shot tara! and it looks like she's dead. buffy will be ok of course so im not really worried about her. it's tara im upset about.

on a completely different note


there are two people, ( that i know of) who have a problem with my hugging habits. both of them have the same problem, although they're concerning different people. the problem is that i can hug certain people no problem at all, snuggle and all that, bit with the people who i 'should' be hugging with no problem at all......wondering if should is the right word....i can't seem to do it.
i think the problem is that hugging those people, even if it is completely innocent, is hard because it shows something that...i dont know...its just easier to hug someone who doesnt have feelings for you like that...its easier because there isnt any expectation for ANYTHING, regardless of what the hug was for in the first place. in saying that, its not that i don't have feelings for the people im hugging...one of them in particular i have a major crush on....the other is practically family, so..yeah...i guess it's hard to explain for someone who has their head together.

bah pah feh
hee hee...if you say that right it almost sounds like boba fett...two references to star wars in one blog, M would be proud.

well, i could sit her and blog on till the cows come home, but i wont...se you next time

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